Centralized Access to Patient Performance Leads to Better Care

At Swallow Solutions, we believe in helping clinicians provide the best care possible to their patients.

As a means to that end, we offer an innovative product called the SwallowSTRONG Management System, or SSMS for short. SSMS allows clinicians and facilities to monitor de-identified patient strengthening performance data, based on the serial number of the mouthpiece.

While each SSMS utilization is different, we recently heard a story from an organization that had success using a centralized approach.

The facility had a clinical trainer, someone with strong knowledge of the SwallowSTRONG product, monitor SSMS as patient data from the current caseload began to appear in the system. By viewing the data related to patient performance, the clinical trainer was able to provide specific feedback to individual clinicians in order to optimize therapy outcomes for their patients.

For example, one patient was having a difficult time hitting their therapy targets. After receiving a suggestion to shorten the target duration, the clinician made an adjustment to the protocol so that the patient received more frequent positive reinforcement, yielding better results overall.

The unique functionality of SSMS maximizes the effect of therapy treatment with the SwallowSTRONG. When used together, they become a powerful tool in the fight against dysphagia.

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