Quotes from SwallowSTRONG SLPs

We were so excited to attend this year’s ASHA Convention. It’s always so great to get out there to mingle with our wonderful colleagues in the field, but one of the things we love most is interacting with all the great speech language pathologists who are bringing life-changing dysphagia treatment to their patients.

We love this feedback because we know how much joy SLPs get out of helping their patients, but we love it even more because it proves that by teaming up with Swallow Solutions, patients are seeing improved quality of life.

Below are some real quotes we gathered from SLPs using the SwallowSTRONG. As a condition of speaking to us, we’ve removed identifying information to provide the SLPs confidentiality.

One SLP who works with a large chain Skilled Nursing Facility had this to say:

At first I did not think SwallowSTRONG would be worth the cost, but I was wrong. Our facility saw several patients move off of altered diets to full PO within 4 weeks.

An outpatient SLP said:

I have been a SLP for 30 years and I have never been able to get results as fast as I have with the SwallowSTRONG.

Another Skilled Nursing Facility SLP said:

I had one patient who had been on thickened liquids for a year and within three weeks of using the SwallowSTRONG, the patient was on thin liquids.

The SwallowSTRONG can bring a new level to a dysphagia patient’s therapy program.

If you’re considering the SwallowSTRONG for your facility, use the quotes above as proof that it works. You can learn more on our website, or call us for more information at (608)-238-6678.

If you’d like to share your SwallowSTRONG success story with us, submit using the ‘Share Your Story‘ portion of our website.


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