Swallow Solutions Training Videos

The SwallowSTRONG is an innovative device that helps patients with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) strengthen the muscles associated the swallow. We want to make the unique device as easy to use as possible, so we created training videos that cover many ‘frequently asked questions.’

If you’re using SwallowSTRONG with your patients, or if you’re a patient at home using the device, bookmark this page and keep it in mind when you run into any issues.

The first video in the series is the device overview. If you’re new to the device, check out this short video to familiarize yourself. It’s less than two minutes long, but well worth your time!

The next video in the series covers an extremely important area: mouthpiece configuration. A proper mouthpiece ensures the most effective use of the device. An important video for patients and clinicians alike.

The next video covers SSMS, the SwallowSTRONG Management System. SSMS provides clinicians with the ability to remotely track adherence, view patient progress, remotely update therapy targets and more. And it’s all HIPAA compliant. Check out the video below.

In our sample therapy session video, clinicians can get a feel for how a real therapy session would unfold with a patient.

The therapy parameters video covers how clinicians can set unique, personalized parameters for a patient. Parameters include press duration, repetition count and more. By adjusting these parameters, clinicians can craft the most effective therapy plan possible.

Our final video covers how to determine therapy targets. In this video, you’ll learn how to establish an appropriate pressure for therapy — one that a patient will be capable of achieving, but will be sufficiently challenging for strengthening.

If you take a few moments to watch all of these videos, you’ll have a good baseline for working with your SwallowSTRONG.

Keep these videos in your arsenal throughout your use of the device, and you’ll be properly armed in your fight against dysphagia.

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