Case Study: Frail Patient Upgrades Diet after Using SwallowSTRONG

Bernice, an 81-year-old resident in a skilled nursing facility, was having difficulty swallowing, but was also generally a frail patient. She suffered from general weakness, renal insufficiency, congestive heart failure, and recurrent pneumonia.
When she underwent her swallowing evaluation, Bernice was coughing and choking during meals, despite being on a diet of mechanical soft solids and nectar-thick liquids. According to her therapist, Bernice was “not at all happy,” about her modified diet, and her liquid intake was reduced while on it. Patients with recurrent pneumonia sometimes must be on a modified diet to prevent food “going down the wrong pipe” and into the lungs.
Bernice underwent strengthening therapy using the SwallowSTRONG five to six times a week for eight weeks, focusing on the front and back portions of the tongue. By the fourth week, her swallowing had improved and her diet was upgraded to a full regular diet.
Check out Bernice’s full case study here.
A note on case studies: Individual names have been changed to protect patient identities, but the stories and data contained in these studies are generated by real patients.

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